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The Mercantile System

For ongoing (large or small) accounts each month which fall overdue - constant slow payers who will pay with “prompting”.

Case Example

The Mercantile System involves two or three letters forwarded at 40 days overdue, and again, if no payment is received, at 55 days and again at 70 days.

Letters are directed to your customer under our letterhead “Nautilus Investigations Pty Ltd”, giving that extra motivation to pay the account.

Responses to the letters are passed on directly to you. You have complete control and are always kept in the loop.

If the client pays, there is no commission charge. If the customer does not pay, you have the option to either collect the account yourself, or forward the account to our agency on one of our collection packages.

The standard cost for a 2 letter system is $9.90 inc of GST and $12.50 for a 3 letter system. We take care of the postage and stationary. We handle any calls that come into our office and a fax or email is forwarded to your office with no charge.