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Nautilus Debt Collection Specialists

Why consider outsourcing your debt collection?

In our 24 years of experience, recovering all manner of debts for a wide range of companies, we have discovered the following recurring issues are shared by most of our clients:


  • Slow paying customers
  • Bad debts strangling cash flow
  • Valuable time and resources wasted in collecting debts
  • Staff chasing money when they should be making it
  • Spending a fortune on solicitor’s fees
  • Providing an interest free banking facility to your customers
  • Reluctance to discuss debts with your customers
  • Placing strain on your professional relationships
  • Time lag between work completed and invoiced

Debt Resolution

Debt collection or Debt Recovery is vital in all businesses. As specialists at debt collection, Nautilus can solve these issues for you. We act as an extension of your team, with the advantage of being perceived as a third party by your customers.

  • We handle the difficult conversations and apply appropriate pressure on your customer
  • We tailor make our communications to suit the profile of your debtor
  • We maintain constant and personal contact through phone calls -which are proven far more effective than dispatching statements
  • We offer payment plans and options to speed up payments
  • We provide full client support to your credit team and management through tailored and regular computer generated reports
  • We are completely focussed on your debt recovery and not sidetracked by the day-to-day operations
  • Our records are maintained and updated instantaneously and constantly and are fully reliable
  • Our dealings are secure and completely confidential protecting the integrity of both you and your customers.
  • Our highly skilled personnel are trained to handle all situations that may arise.


Our emphasis is on building a strong professional and long term relationship with our clients. We are dedicated to the needs of our clients and assign an account manager to understand your portfolio.

Of paramount importance is understanding how valuable your customers are to your ongoing business success. As a genuine business partner our aim is to maximise the recovery of your debt in a way that salvages, supports and even strengthens your customer relationships through a consistent management approach and highly professional and discreet conduct.

Tailored for you

We seek to understand your business and industry, your cash flow requirements and your supplier relationships. This enables us to tailor our collection system to maximise our service to you.

Although we have a general debt collection system, all our clients have different needs:

  • Different Reports
  • Different Frequencies
  • Different Needs for Legal action and Field Calls
  • Different Types of Demand Letters
  • Different Invoicing
  • Different Procedures
And the list goes on.

Client Support

At Nautilus everything is designed to meet your timetable and priorities. Tell us what you want. They are your accounts and you need to have total control. Our reports are always available on demand.

Professional Communications

Persistent, efficient and responsive communication is often the key to debt collection. We understand the delicate balance between maintaining a strong and firm approach and providing understanding and empathy in order to retain your customers.