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Nautilus has a number of Fee Structures to accommodate the different levels of debts our client’s experience.

We understand each business has certain requirements and not every business wants the same fee structure or the same type of action.

What do you spend on collecting a debt?

  • Staff Salary
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance
  • Stationary / postage
  • Lost Time when you staff member can be doing something else like “SELL”
  • Sick Leave / Annual Leave
  • Interest on bank overdrafts, or interest Earnings
  • Your valuable time

You are spending these $$ to collect your debts and still, nothing comes in. Or if it does, what Profit did you finally make from it? By the time you add in all your expenses, you could have made a loss.

Add these costs up and you are losing TIME and MONEY which could be better used to grow your business and increase your bottom line. At Nautilus we have a cost effective alternative suited to YOUR BUSINESS.

Working on a commission means that we have to work as hard as possible to collect your debt to ensure we make an income. We invite you to call us for an obligation free discussion or feel free to come in for coffee and a chat. We don’t get you to sign a contract. We believe our services will prove a valuable part of your business.