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Nautilus Collection Approach

Our stringent collection procedure is applied to your particular situation to ensure fast and effective results. Our experience indicates which combination of demand letters, collections letters, regular phone calls and reviews will be most beneficial in resolving your situation. We are persistent and resilient in our contact with debtors underpinning the importance of payment.

When required, the majority of legal action is undertaken in-house without the need for costly solicitors. If matters escalate we have a highly qualified solicitor available to handle these cases.

Debt Recovery Technology

Our computer software has been custom designed for credit control and debt recovery. It provides extreme flexibility in meeting our clients’ individual reporting requirements, fast and efficiently.

Payment Options

You’ve heard all the excuses - can’t get to the post; lost the cheque book; the accountant’s sick; the dog had a heart attack; and the list goes on.

However, our experience also highlights that many customers want to pay their debts but the total amounts seem overwhelming or they are uncomfortable discussing their situation.

In order to increase payments we work in a discreet way with your customers to implement a tailored plan that suits both parties and is facilitated through a wide range of payment options. The greater the options and flexibility the quicker and more effectively we can recover your debts.