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Why use a debt collector and not a solicitor?

Don't get us wrong, Solicitors are an extremely important part of debt collection especially when a debtor lodges a defence to a Statement of Claim or Complaint. We use our panel of solicitors should the need arise in order to gain the required result.

However we are talking about simple debt collection.

Most Solicitors charge from day one at an hourly rate. As soon as they open their file you are being charged at this rate. In addition Solicitor will charge for each letter they send, plus legal fees and any response that is received by the debtor. If your debts are under $3,000 you could end up getting very little back, and if the debtor still doesn't pay, you will be left with a nice big BILL.

Nautilus works on NO COLLECTION, NO PAYMENT, so we have an Incentive to work. After all if we don't collect the dollars we don't get paid.

As a debt collector we only have one job, collecting YOUR money. A solicitor has additional work on their hands, and in particular will work their more profitable cases.

Solicitors will rarely contact the debtor by phone, nor take arrangements from them. If there is no response from their solicitor's letter, they will go straight into costly legal action. By not contacting a debt, there is no knowledge of 'both sides' of the story, and therefore this is no knowledge of any possible defence in the matter.

After all if a defence is lodged and you are unable to negotiate your legal costs will go up and up. And in NSW, legal fees differ by a few hundred dollars from an Agent and a Solicitor.

At Nautilus we make all effort to communicate with the debtor to get the entire story. A reason for non payment that the debtor has not discussed with you. This reason may be valid or not, however it will give you an opportunity to avoid unnecessary legal action.

If all fails, the collection agency can still initiate legal action in the Local and District court at a small cost.